Not the hand!

I had a small mishap yesterday morning. Can you see the blisters?

I know it's not very clear, the challenge of taking a photo of your right hand with your left. Here's the culprit.

The steam button was stuck down, and I tried to pull it out, but then grabbed on to the base for a better grip. Not a good move, considering that I'd just finishing ironing the work shirts.

The medical centre at work did a wonderful job of fixing me up, with special burn cream, and a dressing. My hand spent all of yesterday bandaged up, which meant everyone asked what I'd done, and no knitting got done. Not good with the all the projects I want to knit before Christmas.

But when I got home I figured I was up to some crochet (and a beer) . And this is what I made.

I like! Was going to be a pressie, but this one's for me. Now I've got the pattern sorted, the other 2 (or 3) will be heaps quicker!
In other news, the octopus can see! Thanks Charmaine. I thought he might need pupils. The eyes are needle felted, so I grabbed a bit of wool, and a needle, and voila!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love your crochet bracelet - looks great! Sorry about your hand...don't crochet too much :-)


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