Baby Fern

It's done. Here are the pics.

Yarn: NZ Artisans Laceweight
Needles: 2.50 mm
Pattern: adapted from Jo Sharp's Lace Panel Sweater.
So here's my question .... How much of your own idea, does an item need to be before you can say you designed it? I adapted the lace pattern from another pattern (for a jumper), (see here)but changed it quite a bit so that it would work well as a scarf, with the yarn I wanted to use.


  1. That is a tricky question indeed. I think that as long as you mention that the lace pattern has been been adapted from such and such a pattern you can call it your own design. You'll see on Knitty, most of the designers will quote where they got the lace pattern from. I will be interested to see what others think on this though.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say, the scarf looks great!

  3. It's a tricky question indeed one even lawyers are still arguing about. Basically, there's not much new in knitting. Most patterns have been around for eternity. It's the combinations that are unique. I think you are always safe to say, like you did "Here is a scarf I designed using xxxx as my starting point" Great to see you blogging kate - hope to katch up at snb occasionally in 2008 :-) Stripey


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