My fingers have been pretty busy this week ... if I do say so myself.

I've just about finished a project using some of the Tekapo I bought in NZ. I started it last Sunday, and it was progressing nicely - until I finished the actual knitting. I have 4 ends to weave in, and then it's blocking time. But here's a bit of a sneak preview....

Having finished the knitting portion of that project, I cast on for another - the impending first birthday of my niece preying on my mind. I'm really enjoying this project, yummy cable patterns and an easy to knit cotton blend yarn on nice big (for baby clothes) needles. Hurrah!

I've also been having felting fun. Using cookie cutters to form shapes (thanks to Interweave Felting for the idea), I've made elephants, stars, flowers, and little people. Here's a card for a friend who's just had twins.

Charmaine has a piccy of them on her blog.


  1. Cute card! You are so clever! Zena will love it!

  2. Hey Mrs W! You're here! We should celebrate or something.

    All those photo's I took at snb on Saturday got eaten by the PC, and I was going to update the snb blog with them too.

    I think we should do a group Zena visit soon.

  3. Oh No! Teething problems with the new camera, or issues with the new PC?? And the SnB blog is looking a little out of date.

    A visit to Zena is a great idea!


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