Bamboo to you too!

Ooooh I love bamboo. I spied some balls of Cleckheaton Bamboo at the LYS, and fell in love with the colour, the sheen, the way the ball sits in your hand.

I'd been reading a bit about socks, and sock yarns, and wanted to try out bamboo yarn and it's anti-bacteria, ant-odour properties. So, I added two balls to my purchase of pins and stitchholders - restocking after they were confiscated by customs.

Not knowing how much would be needed for a sock, I knitted my latest pair toe-up, using Ann Budd's recipe from Interweave Knits (Summer 07). After each sock, I had around 18 grams of yarn remaining - so there's some bonus there for a pair of little socks (whoo hoo).

I think I may have anal tendencies, though. The pattern across the top of the foot and ankle is a diagonal rib, that I reversed on the second sock for better symmetry. Is that going too far?


  1. Hey, nice work on those socks. I'm working on a pair myself using the same pattern! What a coincidence. Did you manage to get the suggested cast on method to work? I'm having a bit of trouble with it. Might have to go with the figure eight method instead.

  2. I used the Eastern Cast on that was given in the instructions. A bit confusing at first. The way I managed it was to knit across the top needle without slipping any stitces off. Then when I'd done the top 4, take them off the first needle, rotate 180 degrees, and do the same across the new top needle.

    The toe stitches are a little looser than the rest, but they work themselves out.

    The trickiest thing I found with the pattern, was figuring out what was my foot circumference (and whether to have negative ease), and the guage of the yarn/needles I was using.

    If I knitted them again, I'd use smaller needles, and go up a size. The stitches on the soles are starting to spread.


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