Just call me 'Master'

Well, it's official - I now have an extra 3 letters that I can add to the end of my name. I am now officially a Master of Business and Technology. It would be tempting to say I'm a Mistress of Business and Technology, but that's a little saucy.

Graduation day went off with a lot of pomp and ceremony, and the requisite screaming children in the middle of the speeches. After much practise, I managed the 3 step process to receive my degree - shake with the right hand, accept the testamur with the left, and then doff with right. It was more complicated than actions to a Wiggles song - "Hands in the air, rock-a-bye your bear ..." I didn't practise the doffing enough, though, and only just managed to make contact with the trencher (they sit higher than you think).

So 3 years of pain, tears, frustration and learning are over with. "What will you do next?" might you ask. Well, I'm over the business studies stuff, I feel I'm sufficiently fluent in management speak. The current plan is to go back to studying for a "Preliminary Theology Certificate" (through Moore College).

Here I am with my mum. Would you believe that this is the best photo that managed to be taken on our camera! Hopefully someone else got a better one.


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