What to sew next

I should be gearing up for a big trip, but instead, I'm busy thinking about what to sew next.  The Monthly Stitch has put up the April Challenge, and going along with that, I'm handing what to sew next over to you lovely blog readers.

So I'm offering up three patterns that I have not sewn before, and three options for fabric. The only concession I'm making, is that they are suitable for this trip (win win!).

So without any further ado, here are the options ...

And now for fabric - No poll on this one, as it will depend on the pattern I choose, but here's a selection of fabric that's been languishing in my stash.....

For the knits we have drapey rayon jersey, and a slubby pink jersey.

And in the wovens we have (left to right) chiffon, rayon, something shiny and something that's probably chiffon.

And now it's time to hand over control ... What should I sew?


  1. I think the cardigan would be nice.

  2. I like the cardigan too, in the slubby pink jersey. Side note, I made a full length Moneta out of the green striped fabric and it turned out great!

  3. I've picked the cardigan because cardigans are such a great versatile garment. Can I encourage you to help me out as well? https://wp.me/p77VK1-1uK


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