Comfy Winter Boutique

Hello everyone, and welcome to my stop on The Wolf and The Tree's (TWT) Comfy Winter Boutique tour. Make sure you check out all the other stops on the tour at the end of this post.

Some of you may have noticed (or remembered), that being in Australia, I'm not exactly in the middle of winter. But we're still having random cool days, and I'm always willing to make the most of the opportunity to get ready for the next season.

For this outfit I used three TWT patterns. One was supplied for the purpose of tour, one was in my stash, and one I bought during a recent sale.

The first pattern up is the overalls - Abby's Overalls. There are SO MANY options with this pattern. I ended up going for the wide, straight front bodice, with knee patches, peplum and short skirt. These have been such a hit with Miss 6, I can see more pairs of these in the future. And with shorter lengths, they're great for warmer weather too (hello cute summer overalls and suspender skirts).

This girl is generally a size 6 around the chest, but often falls into a larger size for height. So this pair are a bit a mash between a size 6 and 7.  I cut out the pattern using the size 6 width, but all the lengths for the size 7. I checked out the length of the pants before hemming and adjusted the length before hemming. The length for the bib and the straps was spot on.

Have you spotted the peek of flesh around her waist? The top she's wearing is the cropped length rash shirt - Abby's Rashguard - with long sleeves. I couldn't resist playing around with the two. If it really is cold, there's a longer length that will work nicely to keep your little one nice and warm.

The third TWT pattern are Abby's Trailblazing Socks.  I used the crew length with a cuff. The ruffle is twice the circumference of the cuff, with the fabric folded in half and gathered along the raw edge to give a neat finish. I was rather lazy with the ruffle, and only used one row of gathering stitches, which is why the ruffle is not as even as it could be. Next time I add a ruffle like this, I plan on gathering by stitching a strip of elastic the same length as the cuff onto the fabric for the ruffle.

The socks were seriously quick to make. I suspect it took me longer to decide on the style, and print the pattern pieces than it did to actually sew them up.

I originally had other fabrics planned - brown and a dusty rose. But I saw these three colours (the maroon, the beige and the mustard sitting together on the clearance table at my local fabric store, and I was hooked.  The mustard is a mesh knit, and I don't know what I'd use it for apart from bands and accents.  The maroon is a poly base with a smooth knit on one side and a crepe look on the other. It was pretty easy to sew with.  The beige is just beautiful - a decent weight with some spandex content (so great recovery) and maybe some bamboo content. I wish I'd bought more.

Another great for fabric (when the clearance table doesn't meet your needs) is Sincerely Rylee. I'm feeling rather jealous of all those who bought a mystery box (it seems to be the kind of surprise I'd love - still a surprise, but not a total one), and I'm trying to convince myself that the cost of shipping to Australia isn't really that bad - especially with all fabrics on sale at the moment.

TWT patterns are all on sale for the blog tour - at $5 a pattern, it's a great opportunity to stock up on some great patterns - with so many options packed into each one. What I love about this outfit is that it looks stunning, but is perfect for play.  These overalls are parent and kid approved for cartwheels, handstands, and all sorts of fun.

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  1. These are fantastic-I love your color combinations!

  2. Goooorgeous! I love your play with the crop top and the stockings are amazing! And the colors ❤️

  3. Such a sweet outfit! Love the colors.

  4. The colors are great! I think it takes me longer to pick the sock options, than it does to sew them up too!

  5. I love this so much! The layered skirts and color combinations is perfect!


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