One Thimble Issue 17

How exciting that it's time again for a new issue of One Thimble. I'm such a fan of this magazine. Not only does each issue have great patterns, that build a fantastic pattern library, there are also really interesting articles, tips and tutorials in each issue.

Summer 2017 (Issue 17) has a Mexican fiesta theme, with patterns that translate well into bright and vibrant clothes and accessories. The Taco Time interactive applique is a super sweet pattern that's quirky, fun (and interactive).

I've been a big fan of the free motion appliques in previous issues, but was surprised by how much fun this one is.  It's called an interactive applique for a reason - the taco comes with a variety of fillings, that you can take in and out, rearrange, and have fun with.

If you're not a fan of purple onion - take it out and toss it away.

I feel I must apologise for the colour of my taco shell - could it be cheese flavoured?. Unfortunately the fabric choices made late at night when you're so excited to get working on a project are not necessarily the best.

I really should have either had a better dig around in my stash, or waited until I had time to make it to the fabric store. I found this beautiful quilting cotton that would have been perfect.

The pattern calls for Heat'n'Bond Ultra to help give some stiffness to the pieces, and keep the fabric from fraying. Again, I couldn't wait, and used the Light version, and the cheese piece is a little flimsier than I'd like. However, I added a 'back' (extra layer of fabric) to the tomato, onion and avocado pieces, and they have quite a nice weight to them.

If you have a sewing machine with decorative stitches, then this pattern gives you an opportunity to play with them. I used a special stitch across the top of my taco, and again on one of my tomato slices.

I found it easiest to use my darning food when stitching the fillings. The clear plastic and open foot meant I could see clearly what was 'coming up', and adjust direction accordingly. When using a straight stitch, I reduced the stitch length down to 1.5mm, so that an 'extra' stitch wouldn't be as much of a problem. And I set my machine up to stop with the needle in the down position. This makes it easier to adjust the piece as you're sewing.

This applique is great on a kids t-shirt or tank. I used the Triton Tank from Issue 16 as my base. I was amazed by what a quick sew it was. I can't believe I hadn't made it sooner. I was a bit naughty, and didn't check this little dude's measurements before making it, and he's not as chunky as he looks. So it is a little big - but that's my fault, not the pattern.

All up, Issue 17 looks like lots of fun, with great patterns, tutorials and articles. Don't forget to check out the other posts on the blog tour for insights into the other patterns available. I know I have lots of plans for this issue.








* This post contains affiliate links. If you click through a make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. The opinions, sewing and extraordinary amount of time spent arranging taco fillings for photos are all my own.


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