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Welcome to my stop along Sewing by Ti's My Favourite (Sewing) Things blog tour. This month we're sharing a favourite pattern, and a sewing sewing tool/notion/doodad. Check out the tour schedule at the bottom of this post, to see all our other favourite things.

At the moment, I'm totally hooked on the Bridget Top by Designer Stitch*.

I made up a version earlier in the year, and had been promising myself another, but it didn't make it to the top of the sewing list. Making the most of the opportunity (and some beautiful satin I found on the clearance table), I bumped it up to the top, ready for the tour.

There are a few things that make this one of my favourite patterns. First off, is all the variations. There is a long sleeve and a short sleeve pattern (or you can buy both for a combo discount) with different options for neckline and length. And each of those has at least three sleeve types.  The first version I made was the elbow length cufflet in rayon I had left over from Miss 6's dress (it's featured heavily in my blog post about the Megan Skirt, also by Designer Stitch).

This version was one of the long sleeve options, the spiral fluted cufflet. The material is a beautiful soft lilac satin, with a slight stretch. Which brings me to the next thing I like about this pattern, the opportunity to branch out and use different fabrics.

I love that switching a fabric can take a top that would be a part of my standard day off wardrobe, and transform it into something that could be good for office wear or a night out. I was planning to wear this version with my Ravanna pants, but they were in the wash, so I paired it with my black jeans for a slightly more casual feel.

Finally, the reason this pattern is a favourite is that it's by Designer Stitch. When I'm sewing for myself, I like to know that the pattern will work well, has clear instructions and consistent sizing. Added to all of that I've found my wardrobe becoming a bit more stylish and fashion forward since sewing up Designer Stitch patterns.

This pattern was also perfect to highlight one of my favourite sewing tools.  It's one of the ones in the picture below. Can you guess which one?

It's a tough choice out of these ones. The Sewline pencil marker is new, and is a breeze for marking dark fabric (so smooth, such crisp lines). The hem gauge is used ALL THE TIME, and I don't know how I'd manage without it. But my favourite is my tailor's ham (and the sleeve roll isn't too bad either).

The ham was a Christmas present last year, and has been one of those things that I don't know how I managed without. Well, this is how I managed, with a couple of rolled up nappies and handtowels held together with elastic bags. The ham is so much better.

The curved edges make it easy to press darts, waist shaping, necklines, flounces, and all the other fiddly bits that are too curvy to work nicely on the ironing board. I always have it handy when I'm doing 'normal ironing' to help iron any tricky bits.

So those are my favourite things (for this week at least). Don't forget to check out all the other stops on the blog tour.

Tour Schedule

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2nd: Stitching At Night
3rd: Sewing By Ti
4th: Needles To Say***You are here. 😀
5th: Very Blissful

Sunday, August 6th: The Fairy Dust Bin
7th: Anne-Mari Sews
8th: Sewing With Sarah
9th: Thats Sew Lily
10th: Stitching at Night
11th: EYMM
12th: Sew Sew Ilse

Sunday, August 13th: Lulu & Celeste
14th: Seams Sew Lo
15th: Tales From a Southern Stitching Mom
16th: Stitching and Making
17th: Creative Counselor
18th: Ma Moose
19th: Kainara Stitches

Sunday, August 20th: Embrace Everyday
21st: She Who Sews
22nd: Idle Sunshine
23rd: My Heart Will Sew On
24th: Lovely For Life
25th: Margarita On the Ross
26th: Anne-Mari Sews

Sunday, August 27th: Made By Melli
28th: Adventures with Bubba and Bug
29th: Auschick Sews
30th: Me Made
31st: Living in Twinado Alley

*This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click through and make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself. The opinions, sewing and bits of satin fluff stuck to my fingers with static are all my own.


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