Time for a twirl

Let me introduce the Surround Me With Love Twirl Skirt from The Plucky Butterfly Designs.

Oh the gorgeousness!

The twirls!

And twirls!

The skirt is available through Craftsy or Etsy. Make sure you have a read of the story behind this beautiful skirt.

This is the version with woven panels and a knit waistband. There are also options for a completely woven or completely knit fabric.

I'm so amazed that such a quick and simple to sew pattern gives such a beautiful result.

And if you think that version looks good, check this out!

Oh the rainbows.

Oh the ribbons.

A bucket of fun trapped in a skirt.

But there's more. This version has a secret power.

Built in shorts!

The skirt with shorts pattern is due to be released later today!

Might I suggest joining the Plucky Butterfly Design Group on Facebook to keep up with pattern releases, and check out more gorgeous skirt.

The rainbow skirt has been skipping the washing basket. Straight from the line to the ironing board, ready to wear again. And with the built in shorts it passed the "messing about at a birthday party test".  I suspect there may be a few little girls receiving these skirts for birthdays this year. I love it

The pattern is on sale for a week (until Friday 29 Jan).


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