Hemd Top

I had such a good time testing for Steph at the Eli Monster (remember the jacket here), that when I saw she had a new pattern for testing, I was keen to throw my hat in the ring.

This time something for my gorgeous boy - the Hemd Top.

A slim fitting henley, just right for this beanpole.

The placket takes a plain shirt, and makes it more exciting. Even better because the placket piece doesn't use much fabric, it's great for showcasing that special print (knit or woven).

This version has snaps (I was feeling a little lazy), but buttons are also an option.

The pattern also has an option for underarm gussets (not included on this version, but planned for the next one I make) - who doesn't love a pop of colour under the arm, along with ease of movement for those active kids.

And just because I was in that  kind of mood.
And because I figure I need to make the most of it while I can get away with it.

We have ....... matching Hemds.

What's the verdict? Cute or cliche?

It's not as quick a sew as your standard tee. The placket can be a little fiddly, but with patience and plenty of pins I was happy with the result. And having the opportunity to mix up the fabrics is lots of fun.

This is a great tee pattern if you're after something a bit different, and looking for a modern cut..

The Hemd Top


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