Pattern Testing - kicking the sewing up a level

Pattern testing ..... It's like sewing with extra purpose.

Fresh Stitch Patterns - Leggings (and  Figgy's Banyan Tee)

 Working with a designer, you take a pattern that has not yet been released, and give it a thorough going over. Do the instructions make sense? Are there any steps that are missed? Do the pattern pieces fit together? Does the finished garment fit the way it's supposed to? Checking for typos, rogue pattern markings and anything else that might stop someone from being able to sew the item.

Usually the turnaround is quick - a week or two. But sometimes it's longer.

The testers gather together in a secret Facebook group - it's not a secret, secret - the privacy settings are set to secret.  There's a great sense of teamwork and camaraderie. You find yourself working with people from around the globe. Sewing together.

Everything Your Mama Made and More - Parker's Vintage Tee

I toyed with the idea of pattern testing for knitting patterns. I even joined the pattern testing group on Ravelry. Problem is my stash just isn't big enough (yes, I'm saying that with a straight face) - or at least not enough of the nice stuff. And with knitting time thin on the ground, I don't know if I'd be able to knit things up in time. But maybe one day.....

My fabric stash, though, there's plenty in there for muslins, and the final version (although that doesn't preclude the odd trip to find some fabric that's 'just right').  And sewing is quick.  The longest part is the printing, taping/gluing, tracing and cutting.

Fresh Stitch Patterns - Leggings (and Tie Dye Diva's Perfect A-Line)

And then there's the photography. I'm by no means a professional photographer. More like an enthusiastic amateur. But I have a bit of fun with my husband's 'proper' camera, and my two gorgeous models. And hopefully come the end of the year, we'll have some special pics to add to the yearly photo book.

Flosstyle's Artiste Dress

Right now I'm working on a jacket pattern for The Eli Monster. "A jacket pattern in the middle of summer??!!! Are you crazy?" I hear you ask. Well there's a bit of a surprise in the photos for this one, just wait and see.


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