Growing Room

Towards the end of last winter (2010) I started knitting another little boy's jumper.

The idea was to make one that would have a bit of growing room.

8 months later, there's still plenty of jumper left to grow into.

The pattern is from an Heirloom Color Works booklet published when the yarn was first released. I reworked the sleeves, knitting them from the top down, so I could add more length if needed.

He wasn't too keen on trying this jumper on last year, when it was finished. But now is happy to wear it.

I like the collar, and splits at the side - easy to get over a head & and easy to play in.

Yarn: Heirloom Color Works (for once I actually used the yarn specified in a pattern). I love this yarn, it's so soft to work with, and has a pretty good range of colours. I also like it's Bendigo Woolen Mills doppelganger, Luxury.
Pattern: 'Style 3 Jumper or vest with optional hood' Heirloom Color Works 8 ply.
Needles: Knitpicks (pro) 4mm circulars
Mods: As above, worked the sleeves top down.
My only point of frustration is that, even though Heirloom is an Australian company, they insist on forgetting the 'u' in colour.

I think we'll manage another winter out of this jumper!


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