Honey Baby

I stumbled upon this pattern while looking at shawl patterns with a friend. I loved it! But having been informed that I was not to knit it for any of my own offspring (hint hint), I decided to knit it for my niece or nephew, due to make an entrance in November this year (2010).

The pattern is meant to be reminiscent of a field of bees, especially when knit up in warm honey-yellows.

I discussed the enterprise with the wonderfully talented Knitabulous, who agreed to dye a super huge skein of yarn in honey colours. After making some (minor) modifications to my ball winder, I had a super huge ball of yarn - ready to for the long drive down to Melbourne.

The pattern was really well written - as I expected from Anne Hanson - and the changes in patterns kept my interest, and meant there were some good milestones to work towards.

I knitted the blanket/shawl nearly monogamously - there were some side projects that were more portable - hoping to have it finished before the baby arrived. Things were looking good .... until I hit the border. I love a knitted on border, it gives a lovely finish to a blanket, and there are so many nice patterns you can use. Unfortunately 816 stitches on the last round means 1632 border rows (plus 4 extra at each corner).

Samuel gave me a bit of extra time, arriving on December 1, with only 1/4 of the border completed. Luckily he's a patient baby (as is his mum), and didn't kick up a fuss that he had to wait, not only for the knitting to finish, but the rain and humid weather to go away. I finally got the blanket blocked on December 12 (while little toddler hands were away for the weekend).

Overall I'm really happy with the project. On re-reading the pattern, I think it may be a little 'overblocked'. But I felt pretty happy with the result.

Pattern notes:
Honey Baby by Anne Hanson (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Courtesy of Knitabulous (not sure on the exact base yarn) - there's a bit more variegation than what's visible in most of the photos, it's a lovely golden semi-solid.
Needles: 3.5mm Knit Picks (I even used the 'key' to tighten the tips - after I got sick of them loosening all the time).


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