Woolly Toy Goodness

Having (temporarily) exhausted my desire to knit baby vests, I moved on .....

.... To the knitted/crocheted toy.

First up was the knitted toadstool with spots

And it's mate, with stripes up top.

These were so much fun to knit, and are great stash busters. The only problem I could forsee was not being able to source a cat toy/rattle to sit in the cap of the toadstool. My fears were unfounded, they had some the perfect size at the local supermarket - although there was a bit of drama when my 15 month old 'assistant' insisted on holding the rattles all the way around the shop.

Also a bit of a stash busting project was the 'Frog Pond Ring Stacker'.

Crocheted on a 4.5mm hook, using mostly Patons Jet, it was surprisingly quick to make. It was really great sewing the insects together, and seeing a chunk of red crochet transform into a lady beetle.

While the ring stacker was a one off, I'm sure there will be more toadstools popping up in the future.


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