Birthday Lace

My mother's birthday came and went very quickly this year. So quickly, that I didn't even manage to purchase yarn for her present before the day came.

My initial plan was to knit her a ring of lace to wear around her neck - something in between a cowl and a smoke-ring. I even had a pattern picked out (Nachaq). But when I swatched up Knitabulous' lovely silk/wool laceweight, I decided it was singing out to be tranformed into a triangular shawl.

After a bit of research on Ravelry, I decided on Percy. Relatively intuitive, with some chart changes to hold my interest.

This photo was taken just after I started the second chart (with no rest rows!). It's progressed quite a bit further now ... I'm working my way back through the first row of nupps in the final chart. Woo hoo, Nupps! I love 'em!

I'm really loving this project. I think I was feeling a bit lost without a lace project on the needles. Now I just have to get if off them!


  1. It's coming along well! I love knitting lace although I don't wear it so much!

  2. Looking good! Can't wait to see the FO.


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