Running Down a Steep Hill

Have you ever run down a steep hill. The wind in your hair, as you pick up more and more speed. Your legs have to move faster and faster to keep up. You can't stop till the bottom, if you stop, you fall (and it hurts). It's scary, exhilarating and so much fun!

That's the feeling I get as I approach the end of a lace project. That's the feeling I had 2 weeks ago, as I completed the 41st repeat of the main stitch pattern in the Estonian Lace Garden Shawl. I was up to the nupps. Oh what fun the nupps were. Yarn over, pull it loose, knit, pull it loose, yarn over, pull it loose, knit, pull it loose, yarn over, ready for the next stitch. What a lovely rhythm. And purling back, the sense of accomplishment as I managed to pierce all 5 loops of the stitch, and purl them together, finishing with a little tug as they slid off the needle, to sit neatly in place. I was flying down that hill, and it was great.

And then I tripped and fell (metaphorically)

The dreaded T word - tendonitis.

Generally, it's not considered a good thing when your wrist suddenly explodes in pain, and looses most of its power, while holding you 4 month old son (who now weighs in at a hefty 7.5 kilos). And when it happens 3 times in one day, it's a cause for concern.

So the shawl is still not finished (though gradually getting closer). And all those little 'fill-in' projects ... the baby's hat for the next arrival (there are a few approaching); the 'stay-on' baby socks for the son whose feet are growing at an alarming rate; the warm snuggly socks started at Christmas and suffering a severe case of second sock syndrome; the baby cardigan, so pretty in pink ... they're all on hold.

To extend the metaphor a little further still, having tripped and fallen, as I picked myself up, I caught a glimpse of another path, promising treasure. For the last week, I have been scouring websites, searching for the elusive icon of the March 09 Great Down Under Nappy Hunt. Who would have thought an online scavenger hunt would be such fun. And the sights/sites to see ... I've come up with so many ways to spend Kevin's money, but which to chose?
So the knitting has been a little slow of late. But I can report that I am up to the trellis edging on the second edge of the shawl. Four more rows, a bind off and blocking to go. I have finished increasing on the sleeves for the cardigan (I always love that point). And in an attempt to see if maybe crochet was less aggravating on my wrist, I created this little guy.

Mr Rectangle (as we have dubbed him, what an imaginative name).

Yarn: Assorted scraps of Anchor Magic Line
Hook: 4mm

I liked the look of his arms and legs for our little llama to chew on. And so does he. He also likes the corners. I made him in cotton (the rectangle, not the baby), and stuffed him with scrap fabric so he would be nice and tasty for our little one.

And a photo of something made a while ago, but forgotten last time I posted.

An alpaca hat to keep a little llama warm.

Pattern: Baby Hat, One Skein
Yarn: Handspun Alpaca purchased on eBay quite some time ago
This yarn is really warm and cosy, but we do find fibres caught in the dribble monster's neck creases.
Needles: 4mm knitpicks options
Modifications: Knitted on smaller needles than the pattern, with the number of stitches for the larger size. Which gives a hat nicely suited for his 'in-between sizes' head.


  1. Wow your llama is growing fast. Mr Rectangle is very cute too.
    Will we see you this weekend?

  2. Great photos Kate! I love Mr. Rectangle and little llama is very cute too!

  3. Little Llama is so cute, he is growing fast. What a cute toy for him to play with. Clever mummy! I hope you didn't skin your knees when you fell while knitting lace.

  4. Hey Kate,
    Its been a while since your last post. Hope everything is okay with your family.


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