Llama Knitting

While working on the Pretty as a Peacock Shawl, I've been nutting out a few items ready for Llama's arrival (theoretically 'mindless knitting').

First, a prototype for a baby jacket.

I couldn't find a free pattern for a top down, raglan, bolero-style baby jacket. So I made up my own. I like the I-cord edging - nice finish without sacrificing the stretch.

Yarn: Patons Serenity (bamboo)

Needles: 4mm

Size: Based on the size of a 00 wondersuit. Fits my friend's 5 month old son.

Next version has been started on 3.5 needles for a firmer fabric, will have a slightly modified neckline & trim, and will be a little smaller.

Also, a bib.

Nothing too special ... nice and big (to cover clothes). Floppy fabric, so it can be used easily to wipe. The strap is too long, but I'll unpick and shorten it when I have a baby to measure it on.

Yarn: Adriafil Floris (sportweight cotton)

Needle: 4mm

Patterns for both of these will be coming as soon as I sort out the kinks (and decipher what I've written).


  1. he baby is going to be the best dressed baby. Do you know if you having a handsome blue baby or a frilly pink baby? Will we see u at the next snb?

  2. Congratulations Kate. Hope your both well. Please post a photo when you feel up to it. Big Hugs.

  3. Congratulations Kate! So happy to hear about little Jude coming into the world. Love the name too by the way! Now, to get knitting!

  4. Hi Kate,
    What wonderful news- Jude has arrived! I have a few small things for you, but am still staying away until I am sure this virus has totally gone away.
    p.s Ravelry is awesome


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