As I said to my husband as he left for work yesterday ....

I am now a housewife.

So how was my first day as a lady of leisure???

I folded the washing & ironed work shirts (not mine ... they're sitting in a bag in the garage for the next 12 months).

I watched CSI from Sunday night & did some more work on the Pretty as a Peacock shawl (nearly finished chart G!)

I made curtains!

Here's the first one up. The second was heaps quicker ... until I realised that curtain tape has a right & a wrong side. Unpicking 6 metres of stitching (and collecting the bits of cotton as I went so there wasn't green thread all over the lounge) added an extra hour or so to the process.

I photographed the llama's pram blanket.

The grafting got better as the project progressed.

I am now totally down with the whole grafting/kitchener process (thanks EZ). The blanket is a pattern from the Knitters Almanac. Made from 24 squares, grafted together, with centre sts picked up and knitted up, and then the edge stitches picked up and worked in garter stitch, with a sewn bind-off (so sloooooow). One of the things I like about the pattern is that it's tricky to tell where it starts - which is what intrigued me initially. Except I just gave away all the secrets - so now you know.

Knitted in Panda Pure Wool (~4 ply) - a little scratchy and stiff, but softer after a wash (and was lurking in my stash), on 3.25 mm needles.

You may notice that there are no sheets on the cot. I decided to make my own. So far I've made one. It's ended up a little trickier than I thought. In a Spotlight induced moment of insanity, I bought fabric that wasn't quite wide enough to tuck around the mattress - I did get enough length, though, to add strips to either side. All was going well, till I realised that I'd managed to have the edges of the seams facing a different way on each side.

I managed to fix it up a bit, but I'm not too concerned - it's only sheets! But I think it was a good reminder of why I don't sew that much .... I loose concentration and stuff it up (like the time I made shorts and sewed straight down the side seams, blocking any access to the pockets I had so carefully pinned in place).

So what's planned for the rest of the week????

Today was spent with a friend and her adorable little boy (5 mths old). Thursday I'll reorganise the yarn cupboard while the aircon guy does his stuff (how exciting). And Friday I'm planning a mini-road trip with my SIL.

How did I ever find time to work?


  1. Seven years after leaving paid employment, I'm still wondering how I ever found time to work! (And I think I did more housework then, too!)
    Curtains and blankie both look awesome!

  2. Kate, we always seem to like the same projects. I was intrigued by the same EZ blanket when I first read the Almanac. It's on my long list somewhere.....

    Enjoy your life as a lady of leisure while it lasts! (I'm jealous).

  3. I love the blanket - so adorable!

  4. The blanket is lovely, and the curtains look so fresh, very nice.


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