What I've learnt - the hard way

I have learnt a very important lesson. When I select the next pattern for a men's jumper one of the first things I will check will be the needle size. Anything under 4 mm is totally out. And anything under 5 mm will require serious consideration.

The epic demonstration of love for my husband is finished. Otherwise known as 'Leo' an on-an-off affair of 18 months is over.

I wanted to knit Mr W a jumper, so he could feel part of the whole knitting experience. He's not a scarf kind of guy, so a jumper it was. Choosing a jumper to knit for a guy is difficult. Not too colourful means black, grey or, at a pinch, dark blue. Not too fancy means rib at a stretch, but a cable panel up the front would be pushing it. Then there's the potential for itchiness, and the cost of the yarn - a cardigan for me would cost a lot less than a jumper for him in the same yarn.

So in April 2006 I trawled the net, searching for a suitable pattern. Then came the search for the yarn. I ended up knitting Leo in Patons Zhivago, on 3.5 mm needles. The pattern is a 5 by 3 rib. The knitted fabric has a pretty good drape, but a lot of weight. You don't want to fall in the deep end wearing this jumper!

Now Mr W just has to hit the gym, and bulk up a bit ... to grow into his new jumper. There was no way I was going to reknit that jumper. So I've opened up my pattern books, started up the search engines, and I'm going to find (or design) a jumper on nice thick needles that he'll wear, and will fit him until he grows into the jumper he already has.
The faces in these photos have been blocked out to protect the innocent.


  1. By the looks of things, Mr W will need to hang by the monkey bars for a few days to "grow" into the arms as well! :P

    Hope he was appreciative of the effort in the end and made use of it in NZ.

  2. He wore it out to dinner one night.

    With all those lakes around NZ, it was a bit of a safety risk wearing it too much

  3. A-ha! Finally we see the completed jumper. I think it looks great and only a little bit too big in the arms. If it makes you feel any better, the jacket I knitted for Chi Wai, lovingly, with many hours in it (it had the loose arm disease as well), was left behind when we moved to Abu Dhabi. :-( I guess the climate doesn't really call for it here!


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