Vintage Style - for me

Time for some sewing for myself.

Late last year Ann Grose of Designer Stitch published this dress pattern in Vintage Made Magazine, and I was fortunate to receive a copy of the pattern to sew up.

And boy do I love this dress. It's a keeper.

As usual, I was impressed with the quality of the instructions and pattern. When sewing for myself, I like to know that the little details haven't been skipped over to make it easier - it may seem like a good shortcut at the time, but when it comes to a lovely fitted garment, it just isn't worth it.

I mashed together 3 sizes for fit - the smallest size for the bust area, then gradually out to the next size for my waist, then out again for the hips. (pretty obvious what kind of body shape I have these days). The sizes are nested beautifully in the pattern to make this a pretty simple process.

There are 8 darts in the bodice for some lovely shaping, and no gaping. I'm working up to a sway back adjustment - but I figure I can just about get away without it here because of the flare of the skirt.

The skirt on this dress is amazing - it's a full circle. It's designed to be worn with a long petticoat (crinoline) - so I'll have to add that to my 'to sew' list.

The volume of the skirt means that it's rather fabric hungry. But I had a sneaky move up my sleeve. You see, the fabric is from a pillowcase and quilt cover set (from Ikea judging by the tags).  Bodice fabric (with the smaller roses) is from the pillowcase, and the skirt from the quilt cover. I think the two rose sizes work together quite nicely.

Of course one of the perks of the full skirt is that it's perfect for twirling.

Just need to be careful in those heels.


  1. Beautiful! Looks brilliant! Love what you have done. Ann's pattern are superb to use and her instructions excellent. - Lynda Worthington (Editor-In-Chief, Vintage Made Magazine)

  2. Gorgeous! I love this shape on you!


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