Annalise by ModKid

After testing the Aubrey for MODKID last year, I was excited to have a look at their latest pattern -

The Annalise top and vest.

It's a top or vest.  This is the top version with a closed skirt/ruffle. The vest opens all the way down the front

Contrary to common styling these days, the top has a low-high hemline. That's low at the front and high at the back.

So yes, when you have a peek at the back, she is wearing shorts (they're just not super visible from front on, and she's not carrying on like a monkey).

There are some lovely details in this pattern. The pintucks are just gorgeous. This was my first time with pintucks so I was a little nervous, but the instructions walk you through the process so smoothly it was a snap.

Incidentally, I was originally going to add snaps to the front of this dress, but couldn't find the ones I liked, so went for snaps instead.*

I was a little unsure of the styling and fabric choice on this one. I didn't ask her for help choosing which fabric to use, and it's a lot more ruffly than most of her other clothes.  But it's a winner! It definitely passed the hug test on first viewing**

There are options for using vintage (or not vintage) lace at the ruffle, and even neckline.  I picked up a few cards of lace at the op shop the other week, so added a layer to the bottom ruffle. It's a really sweet touch.

One of the cool features of this pattern is that it is trans-seasonal.  Right now it's crazy hot, so this is nice a cool to wear in summer. But in winter, you can team it with a long sleeve tee, leggings (or pants), and even a slouchy cardigan for a little extra warmth.  The relaxed fit makes it great for layering.

This version is made in a poplin I had in my stash (it was going to be matching mother/daughter dresses, but has found some other uses lately), it's a pretty firm fabric, to the ruffles are quite 'sticky-outy'. I'd like to have a play with different fabrics. A nice soft rayon for summer (lots of lovely drapey ruffles), and a soft wool for winter warmth. So many possiblities.

The pattern will be on sale for release, and is available at the MODKID Etsy Store. Head over there to have a look at the pattern, and check out all the other great MODKID patterns. Use the code ANNALISE2017 for a 40% discount on anything in the Etsy Store!
And don't forget to check out the MODKID Fan Group for more tester pics, and other MODKID happenings.

*One Thimble Issue 14 has a fantastic tutorial for covering snaps with fabric that I'm keen to try out - what a shame it came out after I sewed this one. Maybe next time.
**If she hugs something once it's finished, that's usually a good sign.


  1. Thank you so much for testing this pattern for us! The end result is precious and your photos (and little one) are too! It looks like she loves it and that's really all that matters!!


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