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Tanners by Designer Stitch

I think these would have to be my favourite Designer Stitch* make so far. There's so much to love about the Tanner culottes.

First of all, they are totally on trend. I don't really follow fashion that much, so it's rather novel, and fun to have a pair of pants that are so stylish and on trend. Culottes are so cool right now even The Doctor is wearing them.

Second, I think they look amazing! I wasn't sure that the shortened legs would look ok on me (being on the shorter side). But the high waist changes the look. And one of the (many) perks of sewing your own clothes is being able to adjust the hem to just the right length.

Tanners were primarily designed for denim, and the topstitching on them reflects the topstitching found on jeans and denim clothes. I just love the topstitching on these. I originally chose the dark red thread when I was going to be making them out of denim, something a little different to the standard mustard/brown. But when I pulled the denim out o…

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