Classic Maillot (AKA cossies for winter ???!!!)

The world of pattern testing has resulted in a few out of season sews - like a super warm jacket in the middle of February.  So a swimsuit (know locally as a cossie) sewn in winter didn't seem like such an odd idea.  We keep the kids in swimming lessons over Winter, and an extra cossie in the drawer is always handy - especially as the one from Spring last year is getting a little baggy at the back.

So when Ajaire (of Call Ajaire) posted a testing call for the Classic Maillot, I was up for it.  Having tested for Ajaire before, and loving her patterns was another factor.  I'm not sure if I had fully anticipated just how much the temperature would drop as Winter finally arrived, and the degree of  persuasion needed to convince the lovey Miss M model for photos.

But I think the finished cossie is most definitely worth it.  This is one of 8 (official) views that the pattern provides - a colour-blocked top of the suit with a ruffle at the front (this is actually an unintended mash of two views - view C front with view B back.

To start I made up a straight one piece  - a good chance to check fit, and have a practice sewing with Lycra and stretching the elastic.  My last run at swim wear (this Tankini), I used clear plastic elastic, and while I found it quite good, it needed a bit more force to stretch than the woven 3/8" (10mm) elastic I used for this pattern).  The pattern includes lots of measurements (including torso girth) to help choose the right size and adjust the pattern for a perfect fit - no-one likes straps falling of shoulders mid-swim.

After my practice run (no photos of this, she really needs to grow a little - it will be perfect for summer), I broke out the Lycra I found the weekend before at the Op Shop (a rather fortunate fabric find), for this pink and purple masterpiece.

The look on Miss M's face when I showed her the finished suit was perfect. The open-mouthed look of rapture followed by her delighted grin demonstrated that this was a winner.

I mentioned earlier the 8 views, these include a ruched top, a bandeau add-on with rear ties, and tankinis that incorporate the bodice options. I can see a lot of these in her future. It passed the swimming lesson test, and I can see a lot of beach and pool visits come Summertime.

The photo shoot was one afternoon (after ballet), it had been pretty warm during the day (when the sun was out), but by the time we got down the beach, the sun was no longer visible, and the temperature was starting to drop.  She was just like a real model - dressing gown and slippers on, take a few snaps, then back on again to warm up. It made it so much fun she didn't even complain about the cold.

All up, another great pattern by Ajaire. Available in sizes 12 months to 12 years. You can grab a copy via her shop here.


  1. Your daughter is such a trooper!! Gold stars for both of you!! A stunning swimsuit & sew! Gorgeous work Kate!


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