Christmas in July

Welcome to my post as part of Everything Your Mama Made and More's (EYMM) Christmas in July Blog tour.

Christmas in July can be quite a big thing in Australia. It's a chance to do the wintry Christmas things we don't get time for when we're busy at the BBQs, pool and beach (the important Aussie Christmas traditions), eating cherries, stone fruit and seafood.

One of the traditions I've seen other bloggers and sewists do is the set of Christmas Pyjamas.  Each year I have great plans of joining in, but summer jammies just don't seem quite right (and I normally run out of time, to be honest).

So this Christmas in July, it's time to make the most of the tradition with a pair of Christmas Pyjamas for my eldest.

I used the Riley's Night Shirt and Dress pattern to make this PJ top.  The red fabric is a rather light-weight cotton lycra. There is a lot of difference between the width of the neckline and the neckband that is attached. The pattern suggests stay-stitching the neckline to prevent stretching it while attaching the neckband.  I decided to skip this step. I won't do that again.  The light weight of the fabric, means that it looks a bit gathered around the neck.  I didn't get the band stretched out enough, and managed to pucker the fabric - whoops. Of course I was overlocking it straight on, so unpicking would have been a bit of an exercise.  Considering that this was sleep wear, I decided to roll with it. But next time (actually, keep reading to find out about 'next time') there will be some changes - a sturdier main fabric, staystitching and a bit less of a laissez-faire attitude to the overlocking.

The bottom band/facing is in a blue jersey I chose to to pick up on the blue in the plain pants. Not quite your traditional Christmas colours, but a homage to the red and green.

When I think of Christmas in July, I think of fireplaces and hot chocolates with marshmallows. Well we don't have a fireplace (and curling up under the aircon unit isn't quite so poetic). But I can produce a hot chocolate and marshmallow. And look at the size of that one! It's not often this boy has trouble finding something he can't quite fit in his mouth.

Of course he had to make sure he showed his sister just how big that marshmallow was.

Having walked you through all the problems and mistakes with this first version. It's time to show you number two ....

This time I staystitched the neckline, and took it slowly attaching the neckband.  I'm a big fan of the staystitching. The main fabric here is a jersey, so not too stretchy, but it was a lot easier it sew it up with the statystitching in place.  This is the nightgown length - cause she loves a nighty (so much so that she's been wearing one underneath her winter jammies (don't ask, it's not a good look).

So have you noticed the text I added???? (stupid question, of course you have).  I wanted something 'Christmassy' but not too 'Christmassy' -  seeing as these wouldn't be worn at actual Christmas time (it would be waaaaaayyyy too hot).  I'm pretty happy with these (although would love to be able to reposition some of the words on the gown - I'm not happy with the spacing).

The text is cut from heat transfer vinyl using my (rather underutilised) Silhouette Cameo.  It's pretty quick to do, and easy to apply. I think the most frustrating part is getting the Cameo out and plugging it in etc.  The text was just using fonts installed on the computer, and the snowflake was added from a file I probably grabbed while free at some point.

So that's my contribution to Christmas in July. I recommend the Riley's Nightgown and Sleepshirt pattern. Both my kids love their new jammies. The pattern is clearly written with all the information you need to make sleep wear for your kids in a HUGE range of sizes (from newborn to 18 ).  One feature that I particularly like is that measurements are included for shoulder to wrist and shoulder to knee. So you can make sure to get a good fit, and no cold wrists at night (provided you don't decide to start once the kids are in bed, and you don't have a measurement),

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  1. I love the text on the pyjamas. What a great idea!

  2. Love the simple wording ... it really jazzes up the solid fabrics. Thanks for joining in the tour!

  3. I always buy summer jammies for Christmas Eve so they look nice in Christmas morning pictures haha! Now that I sew more, they will have to be mummy made jammies!!

  4. That was SUPER SMART to make them in July, now you will definitely know you will have them for Christmastime!!! Love it!!!

  5. I can't imagine a summery Christmas! What a great chance to join in the Christmas type fun.

  6. Oh, those marshmello pics are so much fun, your kid must have loves the shoot!

  7. Oh, those marshmello pics are so much fun, your kid must have loves the shoot!


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