A Pencil Skirt for Me

I must admit, that since making this skirt it has just about kicked my comfy jeans out of top spot for most worn clothing (work uniform doesn't count of course).

The Ruffled Stitch has just released the Button Up Pencil Skirt and it is a wardrobe staple.  Aside from my very wearable muslin (in canvas and duck), I have two versions in high rotation. One in a heavyweight indigo stretch denim, and one in a stretch damask-type fabric I found at the Op Shop.

So what do I love about this skirt????

First of all, there's the classic styling & silhouette. There's nothing like this shape for some classy skirt action. I am usually 'on the move' and my steps are more akin to a stride. But I do love the wiggle factor when walking in a pencil skirt (although with the height of the first button, and the stretch of the fabric, there is some potential in there for longer steps - if the situation requires).

It's just the right length.  This is one of the things I love about being able to sew my own clothes. They are the way I want them.  Realistically, it's nice to have a shorter skirt every now and then, but my days are busy. I want to be able to sit down outside the ballet class, and not have to worry about where my skirt's sitting while I'm trying to concentrate on my knitting (really should take some photos of that, it's super cute ...).

It's designed for stretch material - I love a skirt with a bit of give around the hips. I know that this is where I store my 'energy reserves', so some stretch around there is always a good thing.  The stretch is also good for the whole not so good at remembering to take small steps thing.

You get to use a hammer. Yep that's right, I was able to use a hammer more than once making this skirt (and a piece of decking timber I might add).  Giving the seams a good pound with the hammer helps to flatten them when you have multiple layers of thick fabric. I also used my 'clapper' - offcut of decking timber from Bunnings to help get hems and seams to lay flat.  I also used a hammer to install the jeans (metal shank) buttons - heaps of fun!

The pattern is beautifully written.  It seems that all the important thinking is done for you: which way to press the seams; does it need finishing; how to do the topstitching; how to have the back seam topstitching centred, and all the other things that make a pattern just a bit more professional.  With plenty of clear illustrations, and help along the way, this is a great sew.

The pattern has options. I sewed up view 1 for both of these. But there's also another version with a placket at the front, and no piecing at the back. The two backs and fronts mix and match for 4 basic versions, and by changing out the fabric, you can have a whole new look (I really want to mess about with contrasting pockets and plackets).

The pattern is available through UpCraft for the moment.

It will be available straight from the Ruffled Stitch a little later.


  1. Thanks so much Kate for this amazing review! So glad you love your Button Up Pencil :)

  2. That denim skirt! Swoon! It looks fabulous on you.

  3. Great post on a wonderful pattern!! Thank you for sharing!


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