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One Thimble is BACK!

I was so excited to hear that One Thimble Issue 21 was on the way. And even more excited when the call went out for the blog tour.

Spring Issue 21 includes 4 great patterns, along with 4 hacks of existing One Thimble patterns, along with articles and other inspiration. I get to share the Cinnamon Tote with you all, so read on and have a chance to win your own copy of One Thimble Issue 21.

I just love this tote pattern. A lovely simple design, with some very handy options. For this one I really wanted the fabric to do all the hard work. So I kept it simple with just the standard straps and internal dividers.

There are also options to include a hanging tab, short handles and an external pocket. I have plans for future ones. Like clear tubing around the short handles (to make it easier on your hands), a small tab in one of the lining side seams with a carabiner to hold my keys, and maybe even a pen pocket.

There are so many potential uses for this tote. So far I've used it to carry all my gear for a training course (room for books, tablet, water bottle and purse). But it might end up as a knitting bag - plenty of room for those bigger projects. But it works just as well as a reusable shopping bag - the dividers are perfect for keeping bottles and other items stable.

For extra security, the straps are sewn on all the way down the front/back of the bag, and reinforced with box stitching at the top. So they can take a fair amount of weight in them.

As it is I'm so happy with my bag - affectionately known as The Llama Bag.  The fabric for the outer is a couple of KMart tea towels. They are just the right size for this project. At $3 a each the fabric spend works out pretty reasonable. I was able to use fabric from my stash for the straps and lining.

I have so many ideas for future totes. I have a stash of fabric put aside for reusable bags - bottom weight fabrics rescued from a friend's grandma's stash, and old curtains from the kids bedroom. I really like the idea of repurposing or rescuing fabric from landfill, and using totes like this to prevent more plastic floating about in our environment. Coupled with some produce bags from Issue 17 and this is perfect for myself, or a present for friends.

In fact, as I was making the tote, I was preparing a mental list of who I could make bags for as a Christmas present. Based on that list, I'll need to start on that sewing now.

For your chance to win a copy of the new One Thimble Issue 21 - Spring 2019 please enter the rafflecopter prize draw here - Open until 12am Friday September 6th AEST

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We have some amazing bloggers joining in to share their makes this week. We were excited to celebrate the release and relaunch of One Thimble. Be sure to check each one out on the tour and show them some love.

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