Bespoke Briefs by Thread Faction

Welcome to my stop on the Thread Faction Bespoke Briefs Blog Tour.

Making my own underwear has been something I've been meaning to do for quite a while now. However there always seemed to be some other project that jumped in front.

Well, this blog tour has forced me to take the time to make myself some undies - enter the Thread Faction #202 Ladies Knickers. And now I'm really wishing I did so sooner.

Be prepared, for the sake of this blog post I have taken real life photos of me wearing the undies. I've played with the most flattering filters available, but it's still my actual legs, bum and tum.

The pair I'm sharing with you are my first pair. I sewed the pattern up as is (sizing based on my measurements) to get a feel for the pattern, and see how I would need to make any adjustments for a spot on fit.

And the good news is, that I don't need to make any adjustments. All the critical criteria are met. They don't dig an in cause a significant VPL (visible panty line). They stay up during the day, with no wedgies. They're comfy. And they have a good amount of coverage. Here comes the bum shot.. ..

This pair are made with a light cotton lycra, and some lace edged elastic I had lurking in my elastic stash.  The pattern includes instructions for three different types of finishes to the leg and waist holes - fabric, lingerie elastic, and fold over elastic.  If you really wanted to, you could even have one finish on the waist, and another on the legs.

I like the way the gusset is constructed - it gives a nice finish. Another nice feature is the way the back wraps around to the front. Underwear uses up more fabric than you think, so this means you can get away with smaller cuts or scraps for the front (it seems a shame to have made such a boring pair).

The pattern has all the instructions you need. With details on different types of knit fabric, and tips for sewing with knit. Along with detailed step-by-step instructions and clear drawings. This is a project a beginner could tackle.

Added to all this is that they're quick to make up. My plan is to cut out a stack, and sew them up production line style, and then go through and toss out those old knickers with holes, and bits of thread dangling off.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, and make yourself a pair of comfy custom knickers, and make sure you grab a copy of the pattern.

Don't forget to check out all the stops in this tour.


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