Shakti Pants

Comfy pants that are also stylish????
It's not a dream ... enter the Shakti Pants* by Designer Stitch.

These are knit pants with attitude.

There are three options for the waistband. Four styles for the bottom of the leg. And three different lengths!

And important in pants ... POCKETS!!

This pair have the ruched yoga waistband, 7/8 length with a drawstring at the bottom to cinch them in a little.

The fabric is a rayon jersey that has a lovely drape. I'm always nervous picking print fabric for pants, but I'm so happy with the option I found.

The drawstrings are made with tubes of the pant fabric.  To turn these easily, I make a long chain on the overlocker, then sandwich it inside the tube as I overlock the long edges together, keeping hold of the end so that eventually it's poking out the bottom of the tube. Then I pull on the chain, turning the tube right way out.  I learnt this technique making scrunchies back in the 80s (thanks Mum).

It's been great seeing all the versions of the pants that the testers have made. And it's shown just how versatile the pattern is.

I seem to be on the lookout lately for comfy 'lounge wear' that is a bit more stylish. So I can see lots more of these pants in my future, for winter, and spring and summer.

The pattern is on sale - 25% off - for release. You can grab your copy here.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and purchase a pattern I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.


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