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Boys in Summer Blog Tour: Part of the Sewing Blue Blog Tour series hosted by Made for Little GentsI often feel sorry for my boy. He doesn't have as many clothes made for him as his sister. And when it comes to boy clothes, there doesn't seem as much potential for something new or different. So I jumped at the opportunity to take part in the Boys in Summer Blog Tour - hosted by Made for Little Gents.

This is where I admit that Summer is but a distant memory in these parts. But this boy still needs some clothes. So I went through my patterns and found the Dax Trousers by Gracious Threads (I have a copy via One Thimble*).  These are a long pants pattern, but they have an option for tabs in place the pants when rolled up. Even when we're in full blown summer, there can still be a chill in the air in the evening.  So keep these pants rolled up for fun in the sun during the day, and let them out when it starts to cool (good for protecting against mozzie bites too).

It can be lots of fun sewing for boys. I get to spend some time slowing down the sewing, and add all the cool features that make clothes special. And these pants have some pretty cool stuff going on.

First up was a functioning zip fly. I always feel like a magician when I pull one of these off. The instructions just in the pattern were fine for me to put in this fly, but if you need an extra helping hand there are links to a video that walks you through the process.  There's a fly shield sitting nicely in there, bartacked down at the bottom. The overlap is spot on, and no bits of zipper poking out. I think I'll add another bar tack just at the base of the folded over lap - it seems to have a bit of strain there as he pulls them off.  The metal button is a good touch for this style - and it's fun to use a hammer when sewing.

Next up was the welt pockets. These went in super smoothly. Smoother than last time I remember doing them. Again there's a video if you need extra help, but I had no trouble with just the pattern instructions. Looking back, I'm thinking I should have rotated the wale of the corduroy, but I only had just enough fabric for these, so re-cutting was not an option.

Can you see the fun detail I've added in there - the pocket lining is some Dr Who fabric I have left over from another project. Every boy needs dalek pockets!

I used the same fabric for the front pocket linings. He knows it's there, even if it's not visible to everyone walking past.

As a mark of my true dedication to this child I even added the belt loops. I usually get to the point of adding them, I'm super keen to see the end of the project, and decide they aren't really needed. I went through at least 2 needles bar-tacking them in place at the top. But they do look good, and some of my mum-guilt is assuaged.

I also was able to use the Dr Who print for the tabs in the legs. It took quite a bit of wriggling fabric around under the presser foot to get these in place and sewn. And then more wriggling to sew the buttons on.  Corduroy is not the ideal fabric for roll up pants (but if he chooses a fabric he likes, I usually go for it). The pile of the fabric meant that it was quite bulky to roll up. The next pair will be in a drill, bengaline or maybe even a linen blend, and there'll be more 'rollability'.

I thought I'd managed to choose a size that would accommodate his long legs, but when he tried them on, there was only a little of wriggle room with the length. So I used a 2" strip of bias fabric to make a hem. I folded one edge 1/4" to the wrong side, and then sewed the other edge to the bottom of the pants with a 1/4" seam allowance (giving 1 1/2" inches of fabric for turning up the hem). I folded it up along the stitching line to the inside, gave it a good press, and sewed along the pre-folded edge of the bias strip. Voila - a nice deep hem without losing much length.

I've been looking at some of his tees lately, and not only are they getting shorter, his shoulders are starting to pop out of the sleeves (which is a relief, as he does seem to be mostly growing up these days). So it was time for a new tee. After all the fuss of the pants, I was after a quick sew, and went for Everything Your Mama Made and More's Parker's Vintage Fit Tee.

The main fabric of the tee was a men's tee that I picked up new at the op shop. I figured the alien-type design on the front would tie in nicely with the dalek features of the pants. I cut the sleeves so that I could use the existing hems.  The neck band was made using a french terry I had to hand, but folded with the loops facing out as well as in. There wasn't as much stretch as I thought in the french terry, and I probably should have made the band a little longer.

All up he's happy with his new clothes. He says his pants are comfy, so that's a big plus for a boy who refuses to wear jeans. I like them cause they look just that bit more stylish than your usual shorts - so they're suitable to wear if we decide to go out to dinner. But they're also practical for playing, and totally boy approved.

So these are my tips for fun boy sewing. Find a pattern that gives you room to play around, and practice new techniques. You can focus on the features rather than the ruffles. And make the most of pockets and facings to add some fun fabrics.

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  1. He looks perfect in his new outfit. Wonderful to see him in action and fully enjoying his new active wear.


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