Latona Dress

Introducing the Latona Dress by The Eli Monster.*

The first version I spied of this dress was Steph's entry in the 2017 International Rijksstudio Awards.  Designers use artworks from the Rijksmuseum to create their own artwork.  Having just been to the Rijksmuseum, it was especially intriguing to look through the entries and reflect on our own visit there. Pictures of Steph's entry are included on the pattern page.

This dress's special feature is its stunning back - an angled centre panel with two rows of buttons to set if off.

How about those buttons! I was looking for bright yellow buttons, but couldn't find what I wanted. Then after a rummage in the 50% off basket I found these beauties.

Can I just take a moment to point out how the hexagon shapes mimic the hexagons in the fabric.  Totally makes the handsewing of the buttons worthwhile (that's what you get when you choose buttons with shanks).

This fabric is the same design as I used for the Kosmos Dress (blog post), just in a different colourway.  I've found it to be a nice solid poplin that wears well, and presses out nicely.  The reds and oranges, look fiery as she spins.

And this dress is just right for spinning.

For photos Miss 5 wore 2 different petticoats (or a petticoat, an old tutu), and nothing underneath.  The dress looks great regardless of how much puff there is going on.

Making the petticoat was a bit of fun. I was able to test out my ruffler foot, and figure out how it works (can't suppress the engineer in me). It made gathering the tulle so much faster.

The dress has both sets of buttons functional, but there's a placket in the skirt on only one side, so you don't need to do both sets of buttons to take it on and off.  This would have to be one of the easiest plackets I've sewn, it's a great little technique.

There is also understitching around the bodice neckline for a beautifully presented edge. I've also been using my new tailors ham, which has made pressing curves like that so much more fun.

The pattern is sized from 18 months to 12 years.  I sewed up a size 5 width, and 6 length.  The position of the pattern pieces, and instructions in the pattern make it easy to make adjustments like this.

It's on sale for release, so don't forget to grab yourself a copy - Latona Dress

*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase the pattern I receive a small commission at no cost to you. However, my opinions, sewing, and super excellent bargain buttons are all my own.


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