The Rivier Dress

Another gorgeous dress from The Eli Monster*!

The Rivier Dress - so lovely this brave girl was willing to brave photos on a wintry Saturday afternoon. (she did keep tucking her arms into her sides to keep warm)

The dress has a faux wrap bodice. There are two overlapping front bodices, fixed in place with snaps at the side seams, and a placket in the side of the skirt to allow the dress to go over heads.

Optional extras are a ruffle along the neckline, and a beautifully styled bow attached at the side.

We still haven't finalised the location of the bow on this version. I like it towards the side. She wants it centre front.  For these photos it was attached to the dress via a brooch pin (which has since bent, and needs replacing).  The tops of the bows were held in place with a few tacking stitches and some Hollywood Tape (which I suspect is actually specially packaged double-sided tape).  When we finalise the position, I have some clear snaps to use to help the bow keep in place.

The left side of the bodice wraps under the right, and snaps in place at the right side seam. I wanted to add an extra snap centre front to make sure it all stays in place, but I ran out of snaps. So I have safety pinned it in place at the top of the skirt in these photos, and will be able to make use of the clear snaps.

The bow is just beautiful (although difficult to see in the fabric I used - I have plans to pick up some solid white to make a new one). It uses three separate pieces to allow you to get it just right.

I've been holding on to this fabric for a while. It's like a double border print - the print runs along each selvedge and the centre of the fabric.  I wanted to use it to make a dress for myself, but finally admitted I didn't have enough, and donated it to a girl that loves it.  The bodice and skirt were cut to maximise the differences in the print.

The skirt uses the full width of fabric for her size. Which means it's lovely and full, and perfect for twirling.

The pattern is also great for mixing fabrics. Head on over to the pattern listing, and see what the other testers have been able to put together.

The dress is available in sizes 18m to 16yrs (and includes some bodice shaping for the larger sizes). It's on sale for release until July 22.

*This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click through and make a purchase.  The sewing, opinions and attempts not to fall off the pier while taking photos are all my own.


  1. What a gorgeous dress! Love the fabric!

    The dress, the colors on your daughter. Picture perfect 👌


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