I had been on a bit of a quick sew streak, when I came up against this beauty.  The Mackinaw Jacket by Designs by Call Ajaire.  This was one of those sews where you can feel yourself becoming a better sewist as you go. The pattern is beautifully put together with so much attention to detail.

This is a standard width collar and straight style with a buttoned belt in a canvas print. There are also options for a dramatic collar, pleated style and tied sash.

The print design makes it rather difficult to see the actual jacket, but that's what you get when you let him choose the fabric he wants. The lining is black polar fleece in the collar, and black sheeting for the rest of the lining. I'd love to have a go at a flanelette lining, but it just doesn't really get cold enough here to justify it.

I went with the bound buttonholes option (you can do standard if you want). The process was a little tricky, but it's a similar approach to welt pockets. And the pattern instructions are so great, they hold your hand through the whole process.

The lining is fully bagged, so the main fabric on the sleeves and bottom hem turns up to form part of the lining. There's even little details like the pleat at the bottom of the lining, another pleat across the back of the lining for ease of movement, two piece sleeves and sneaky pockets. This jacket has all the features you'd expect to find on a 'proper jacket' you bought from a store. There's a real sense of accomplishment as you realise what you've just sewn.

I used a rather heavy interfacing on the collar, so there have been a few comments about the collar being irritating (have lighter weight planned for version 2). Nevertheless, while he had it on for photos (and during fit checks), I certainly busted him rubbing his cheek across the fleece of the collar. So the tactile nature of the collar is a definite win.

I have the fabric cut for version 2. Same style, but in a relatively heavy denim, with faux fur (the proper stuff that's normally $60/m -don't panic it was on special, and I only needed 1/2 a metre), and cotton lining (with a rocket ship print).

While I was hoping to have had #2 finished by now, it's turned out pretty well, as  Ajaire is running a sew along in the Facebook group starting February 23

The pattern is available via the Designs by Call Ajaire Etsy shop. Use the code MACK15 for a 15% discount (good until Feb 21st).

And if you're looking for another reason to join the Facebook group, there is a code for a special release extra discount.


  1. I love the fabric of your coat! You did it so neatly, well done! :)


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