Don't forget the knitting

despite the enthusiasm I've had for sewing this year, there has still been some knitting happening.

Such a a pair of socks and and a wee cardigan.

Although I must admit that the final incentive to finish off the second sock was the lovely new knitting bag i sewed up. It's a boxed bag in a fabric that makes me smile. There's some nice solid interfacing to keep pointy needles inside the bag.

Also you can't really use a sewing machine in the car. Not even when you're a passenger.

I've also been working on a baby sized pieces of knitting.  We don't know the flavour of this little one so I'm hedging my bets.  One in sky blue and one in hot pink.  I really love this pattern. I must do cause this is the third time I've knitted it (quite an achievement).  But it will have to remain a secret till my niece/nephew makes an appearance.


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