Oh Dear!

It's been a VERY long time since my last post.
Here's a quick update:
  • Our little boy (Llama) has been keeping us busy, and is about to turn 2
  • Baby #2 is expected in early March 2010. Currently referred to as New Bob (we don't know if it's a boy or girl ... I was talking about the new bub, and was misheard).
Knitting has been continuing, though at a slower rate than previously (I have sometimes struggled to stay awake long enough to get the Llama into bed.

Here are some pics I could quickly find:

February Baby Sweater
The neckline is modified a little. The cast-on edge was a little tight. So I snipped at the first lot of increases, and knitted back a few rows in the contrast colour. A pretty fun and relatively quick knit.

Llama's blanket. This was meant to replace his cot blanket that was lost somewhere at Shellharbour Stocklands (a tragedy)! The size was meant to be for a cot/pram blankie. He's now in a big bed, so it will just have to be a snuggle blanket. I've made up the design, using domino knitting techniques. I'm onto the 3rd square, and so far it's working - but is the current designated 'long-term project' so spends a lot of time resting while I grapple with self imposed deadlines.

And an old project reborn. I gave the peacock shawl a decent blocking, and even wore it as a 'garment'. It was able to provide much needed warmth at a wedding. I had one positive comment from a friend, and nobody laughed as I walked past, so that's a pass in terms of wearability.

Now that's out of the way, I can focus on updating the blog with current knitting projects. 'We' have a new digital SLR, so there may even be some nicer photos of completed projects.


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