Sock Blockers

I don't have a fancy set of wooden sock blockers (though if anyone's looking to buy me that special gift, I wouldn't mind a set). But I did find the perfect blockers for socks knit to fit my feet.

My feet.

These socks are knit from Lang Jawoll Magic. Purchased by my lovely husband as a 7th anniversary present - I'd been hanging out for that anniversary for a while. The yarn looks a little rough, but is actually quite soft. It holds its twist quite nicely. One and half socks were knitted from yarn that had started life as a shawl that didn't quite look right. But the yarn re-knitted really well.

The pattern is the Mad Colour Weave Sock, designed to be knitted in a variegated yarn. The woven stitch pattern looks really effective, and is easy to commit to memory (always good for a 'grab and go' project).

As lovely as my feet are. Now for some photos of a young model who insisted on trying on his new jumper.

Having returned safely from the show, it was sitting on the coffee table, when he picked it up, and tried putting his hand through the sleeve hole - not a bad first attempt at dressing himself.

There's a bit of growing room. But I think he likes it.


  1. Very nice socks and doesn't he look adorable in his 'star' jumper, he will get some good wear out of that size.

  2. Llama too cute! The Jawoll sock yarn is amazing - it looks like Kureyon and I thought it would be crunchy until I picked it up. But the shop sold out of the colours I wanted. It's not as if I don't have enough sock yarn ;)


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