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Welcome to my stop on the Winter Wear Designs* Romp On Blog Tour.

When I heard about the theme for the tour, I knew I had to make a Daydreamer Romper for my daughter. She has a favourite playsuit that she insists still fits, even though it's about to cut her in half up the middle. I keep trying to toss it, but she's managed to hide it before I can get it to the bin, and just when I think it's gone, it pops up again!

So this lucky girl has a new romper.

When I told her she had a new romper, she asked, "What's that?" I answered, "Pants and a top joined together." Her response was "Oh, a playsuit." So hopefully, that old playsuit will finally make it (permanently) to the bin.

She was so keen to test it out down at the beach we didn't even stop to tidy her hair. It was super windy down there, so I don't think it would have lasted long.

There is one small snag though ... It's rather large. About a size and a half too large on the top half ...

I have no idea why, but for some reason I printed and cut a size 8. There was a gap between printing and sewing. And I can't for the life of me figure out why I chose a size 8. In most clothing she's a 6 or 7, and her measurements put her in a size 7. Nevertheless I cut an 8.  Not a good move.  I also cut straight into my final fabric, with no muslin. Also a dud move. Finally, I sewed up the whole thing before trying it on her. Rookie mistake.

Don't be like me. Double check those measurements. Do a trial run in fabric you don't absolutely love and check the pieces and partly sewn garment on the recipient as you sew it. This is an important step for rompers, as torso length can be quite a different proportion to leg length.

Regardless of the fit, and potential wardrobe malfunctions, she absolutely loves it!

I cinched up the top for photos with a couple of safety pins. My mid-term plan is to tack a few pleats along the neckband to bring it all in. And the long-term plan is to let those tacks out, and have a bonus season (or 2) of wearing the romper.

This was a fun pattern to sew. And I can see another (in the right size), especially when we come into spring weather (we're finally saying goodbye to warm weather here).

I'm a sucker for pin tucks. These were simple to sew, with a clear explanation. I also got to play around with contrast bias tape and plackets (always fun).

I also love an opportunity to cover snaps with coordinating fabric. It means you can always find the perfect closure (and saves time on button holes).

She has thoroughly tested the 'wearability' of the Daydreamer Romper. And it passed with flying colours.

Even for ninja moves.

The pattern also has an option for shorts, or a skirt version (transforming your romper into a dress). And there's a short sleeve length too. There is also the option to add pockets.  It's available in sizes 9m to 16 (so lots of potential to make larger versions). All romper patterns in the store are 20% off for the duration of the blog tour.

Don't miss any of the spectacular rompers
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