Ella Sleepwear

This is the first time I have made sleepwear for myself, and what a great start!  The Ella Cami and Pants* from Designer Stitch. And you can even grab your own copy for free (keep reading to find out how).

Here's how you look in just your dressing gown and ugg boots (they're not in-shot, but trust me, I'm wearing them).

But here's how you look in the gorgeous Ella set.

Spot the difference :-) ?

All joking aside, I really love this set. The cami is really quick to sew up, and with a change in fabric, would be fine as a normal summer top. You can even lengthen the main section, and loose the ruffle for a less ruffly look (although ruffles do seem to be popping up everywhere lately).

The pants also include a full length option, and pockets (I didn't include the pockets).  And the set pairs beautifully with the Willow Kimono as a light dressing gown (it's next on my sewing list - that fleece dressing gown is very cuddly, but way too hot for summer).

I'm really pleased to have found a use for this fabric too. It's a random synthetic I found at an op shop once upon a time. The weave is so tight, it's like a microfibre. It has lovely drape and hand, but I'm not sure I could have pulled off that floral in normal streetwear. But it's perfect for sleepwear.

This item is available for FREE with a code found exclusively in the Designer Stitch Pattern Support group on Facebook.

And as an extra bonus Designer Stitch patterns are all on sale for 30% off during the last week of birthday celebrations (here's my Birthday Blog Tour post). This will be the last major storewide sale until the end of the year, so it's a good time to check things out. You can also check out all my previous Designer Stitch Posts.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click through the link, and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  All the opinions, sewing, and cuddly teddy bears are my own (honest - I had to pinch Fitzwilliam Bear back from my daughter for photos).


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