Sewing from One Thimble 15

I am such a fan of the e-zine One Thimble*.  Last year I received a yearly subscription (4 issues), and it's been the present that keeps on giving.  Especially Issue 15.

I'm not sure what it is, but the patterns in the latest issue have really inspired me, and there have been a few late nights putting together pieces for a play date photoshoot.

These two girls have so much fun together. And they love the idea of coordinating clothes.

I picked up the green ponte on special while sewing up a version of Thread Faction's #116 Cardigan for my son, and knew I wanted to use it for a cardigan for my daughter. I also wanted to make a pleated skirt to go with it - I had some plaid I found in an op shop that would be perfect.

I didn't get a chance to sew it up before One Thimble was released, so I was thrilled to see the Miriam Skirt (by Once Upon a Sewing Machine) included in Issue 15 - it was just what I had imagined sewing up, and I didn't need to figure out the maths for the pleats myself.

While cutting out the green cardi, I noticed that there was still a fair amount of fabric left (how amazing is the width you get with knit fabric), so I cut out an extra set of bands, while I was at it, and then the sleeves and body from some pink ponte.  A couple of days later, while op-shopping, I found another cut of slightly different plaid and my plan was set.

I think what I really love about Issue 15 is that the patterns work so well together (and that there's such a mix of patterns for boys too). The t-shirts they're wearing a store-bought due to time constraints (people keep wanting to eat, and clean clothes to wear!). The Phillipa Blouse (by Bobkin) will be perfect to wear this outfit.

I nearly didn't make the berets. The day before the photoshoot, I'd made the cardigan and the skirt. Finishing the skirt, it was 'only' 12am, and I had a beret already cut out. So I thought I'd quickly put it together (only 3 pieces!).  That took half an hour, so I figured I may as well cut out one to match the other skirt, and still be done by 1.  With a bit more care in pattern cutting, I managed to align the tartan so that it matched at the outer edge of the beret.

Of course there was drama with the second - I managed to sew the top on the wrong way round so the other seams were showing. I toyed with the idea of a French seam, but decided to unpick and resew. I should know better than to think sewing late into the morning will be trouble free. But it was worth it for these two to have some amazing outfits to wear together.

So - pattern details .....

The #116 cardigan is a v-neck in a stable knit. I've made them up in light sweater fleece, and in double ponte and so far so good. You could also use a cotton lycra for a lighter one.  The pattern is quick to sew. I mostly used my overlocker.  To make it even faster, you could use snaps instead of buttons (or leave the buttons off entirely).

The Miriam Skirt is pleated with a side zipper and yoke. The pleat instructions are clear, and easy to follow (I feel like every time I pleat, I have to carefully read the instructions because no two patterns have the same approach). The zipper goes in nicely. The pattern uses a standard dress zip. I used a couple of metal teeth fly zips I had lying around (found at op-shops). If you're familiar with invisible zips you could change it around and use one instead.  I found the length to be a good combo of fun, but not revealing (the size I made was a 5 width, 6 length - standard for my daughter's measurements at the moment). And the shape of the yoke is surprisingly forgiving in terms of fit.

The #115 Berets are made from just 3 pieces of fabric.  The inside is not lined, making it a quick sew.  There is a bit of notching & easing out the curve to sew onto a straight piece, but it was very straight forward without any fiddling.  If I had more time, I would probably adjust my stay-stitching, and make sure that it was hidden within the seam allowance. But for these two super-quick versions, there are a few staystitches poking out if you look closely.  The beret is meant to have a large pompon attached too (which looks totally amazing). Unfortunately timing meant that these berets are pompom-less for the moment.

I think the girls are wearing their berets a little hight. When we got home, my daughter showed me how she could actually pull her beret further down (ugh). And her friend's beret was getting stuck on her plaits (maybe a larger size would be help - sizing was a stab in the dark there).

If you're interested in One Thimble, there are lots of options to purchase. You can purchase a single pattern, and issue of the e-zine, or a subscription to 2 or more. There's also an early-bird bonus each issue (if you purchase before a certain date), and subscribers receive their copy a day earlier than the standard release.  Either way there's lots of value to be had. I'm loving my subscription.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase I receive a small contribution at no cost to yourself.  All the opinions, sewing and late night sewing dramas are my own.


  1. I just love these versions, and that you made them from op shop finde - a girl after my own heart!!


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