Styling the skirt

I recently posted about the Süsse Skirt I sewed up (new pattern by the Eli Monster). (those two are affiliate links)

When sewing up the skirt, I knew I wanted to make sure that it was nicely coordinated with the other clothing.

Initially, I was at a bit of a loss, as I knew that a t-shirt would be a good for easy dressing, yet I liked the idea of a collar to match the skirt.

Fortunately, I remembered that Jilly Atlanta had just released a range of free collar patterns (available via the Facebook group here).  At the time I hadn't given them too much though - not being too familiar with the concept of a collar. But they were perfect for this project.

I sewed up the scalloped version (to mirror the scallops in the skirt), with a button closure for simplicity.

I love the coordinating look with the collar. I am now a convert, and can see a number of these in the future.  Especially as Miss M was quite taken with it too.

The other part of the outfit was the tee to wear with the skirt. I wanted something close fitting, so it would sit nicely under the skirt and suspenders, but with puffed sleeves (cause puffed sleeves are essential with such a skirt).

I used the Debbie Brooke Designs Princess Peplum as the main basis for the shirt.  However, I didn't want a peplum, so extended the length of the shirt, based on the Blank Slate Tee Times Three pattern (my go-to t-shirt pattern).

Thinking back, the Tee Times Three pattern has an option for a Peter Pan Collar and keyhole at the rear neckline, but the collar would need to be in stretch fabric, so no option to match the skirt.

The coral colour of the tee is meant to draw on the coral/pink facing on the scallops of the skirt. (There they are, peeking out at the hemline)

I finished off the look with a super quick headband in coordinating ribbon.  Just a length of ribbon with the ends looped over a hairband.  And finally some daisies from the garden with a bit of ribbon to keep them together.

All up, I'm happy with the look.  It's great to have an outfit that's been put together purposefully. And Miss M was happy to go with it all.


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