Sew all the headbands!

What's better than a really cute headband fabric that works perfectly with your outfit???

When there's a whole heap of options for headbands of course.

I had the opportunity to test 2 of the free headband patterns released by 421 Myers Design Studio.

First up is the non-slip headband.

This is great. My headbands ALWAYS slip off - as the trail of bobby pins I leave in my wake can confirm.  The pattern uses velvet ribbon to make a nice and grippy backing to the headband. The length can be customised to your head size (which is good when you have a rather large head like mine). And it is super quick to sew up (seriously, you spend longer with measuring tape and scissors than at the sewing machine).

Next up is my favourite (so far). A knotted headband.

This one is available in children and adult sizes.

It has an elastic section at the back/bottom to give a nice fit around your head.

My top tip for these is to use a tube turner. I have one with a hook at one end, but there are a variety out there. The first couple of these I made, turning them the right way out took at eternity. But it was a breeze with the tube turner.

The patterns are available via the 421 Myers Design Studio Facebook group .....
Checkout the pinned post for links to the patterns. There are also some free bowtie patterns in there.

And keep an eye out for more patterns by 421 Myers Design Studio. There is already a pattern for some supercute bow socks released, and more patterns are on the way.


  1. Such amazing photos!! I love all your work and these headbands are just sew pretty!! ;-)


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