Gazelle - not just leggings

When is a leggings pattern not a leggings   pattern?
When it's The Wolf and the Tree's Gazelle pattern of course.

I'm pretty excited about my new pair of leggings (tights are up next).  Pretty, aren't they.

Perfect for a trip to the park with the kids.  Something to throw on under that tunic that's not quite long enough to be called a dress (I swear it was longer when I bought it. It must have shrunk).

But I'm also excited about all the potential. Oh the potential. This is not just a leggings pattern.  This is actually a pattern for tights (pantyhose).  Or a pattern for capri pants. Or a pattern for biker shorts (totally ready to relive my 80s glory days). Or a pair of shorties (essential for very warm days in a skirt).

And there's more. There's the option for an elastic waistband or a yoga waistband. And for each of the different lengths, you can choose between cuffed or a hem.

But that's not all, not really. The sizing options for this pattern are just great. With four different rises you can choose where the waistband sits. I have tended to go for the mid rise, but have some low rise planned for tights (I'm not a fan of waistbands peeking above skirts). The pattern walks you through getting the sizing just right, to make sure you have a garment that fits your own body shape.

This pair I made using a 1m pre cut piece of cotton Lycra jersey. Yes you read that correctly, just 1m of 140cm wide jersey! And I have plenty left over for kids clothes and colour blocking.  But don't panic if you only have access to fabric with two way stretch - there are separate patterns for 2-way versus 4-way stretch. I have more of the same type of fabric I bought for the kids that may make it into my wardrobe, not theirs.

So, you may be thinking, that's a lot of plans for tights and leggings.  How are you possibly going fit in all that sewing time? And here is the great part, they are SUPER QUICK to make. I mean it. I made this pair while dinner was cooking.

There's  lot of info in there. Here's a summary:
2-way or 4-way knit fabric
5 lengths
3 rise options
Elastic or yoga waistband
Hemmed or cuffs for the leggings
Easy to tailor to your own  size
Quick to sew
Not a fabric hog

So have a look at all the tester versions and grab a copy of the pattern over athe The Wolf and the Tree

A quick update to add if you use the discount code "Gazelle"  in the shop, you get 30% off your purchase (for a limited time)
 Now I'm off to buy some sock patterns.


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