Bunny Love

Some squooshy woollen cuteness has made its way into our house.

Taking Random Knits' summer baby knitting advice on board (ie toys are great for summer babies), I decided to cast on this cheeky little rabbit Wednesday evening.

Our little Llama spotted him this morning with no ears or arms (just head, torso & legs), and after pointing out the 'Teddy' insisted on helping. Luckily I needed someone to put the extra wadding that had just been pulled out of the bag, back in. I was quite impressed that he recognised from the unfinished shape that it could be a teddy - the pattern is actually a base for a rabbit, bear & elephant, the differences are in the heads and ears.

Here he is, posing for a portrait on the new easel that has taken up residence in our living room.

Pattern: Lovable Toys by Marion Edmond, from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (Rav Link)
Yarn: Bella Baby Sugar 4 ply (random 4 ply pure wool from Spotlight - originally purchased when on special so I could do some jelly crystal dyeing - guess who now has many out of date packs of jelly crystals).
Needles: 4mm knit picks. Knitted magic loop, cause I can only find one set of 4mm tips.
Mods: The base of the ears are sewn up a little, to disguise the fact that the pink inserts don't go all the way down. According to the pattern, they don't totally fill the inside of the ear, but I'd knit the the inserts a little longer next time.

All-in-all a project that I'm very happy with. Especially as it took about 3 days to make.

Next-up, a bear.


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