Saturday, 17 April 2010

The show is over

But, until now, I hadn't posted any picks of my entries.

Here's our llama's jumper strung up rather painfully (top left).

Hopefully it will arrive back soon, and I can try and get it back to a 'normal' shape ready for winter.

And here is my Estonian Garden Shawl.

Notice that maroon ribbon - it was awarded a Highly Commended.

The 'deshowing' process has not gone smoothly for all. Randomknits' Venezia hasn't survived unscathed. It's totally shocking that her piece has been damaged in such a way.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


I'm on to a really good thing at the moment. The very talented knitabulous, has given me a ball of laceweight silk, a copy of the Brandywine pattern, and told me to 'Go for it!'*

Here's the lovely colourway I have to work with.

I'm not sure of it's name, but it's a lovely mushroomy kind of colour. Lightly variegated, but not enough to detract from the pattern (just enough variegation, by my reckoning).

Needless to say, with such scrumptious yarn to work with, it's progressing pretty quickly.

Notice those lifelines ???
Normally I don't bother with lifelines in my lace ... if I find a mistake, I'll usually drop down and reknit the affected stitches ... but, it does affect the tension a little, and knitting this for someone else, I'm a little nervous. So in go the lifelines.

I cast on for this project Wednesday night (3 days ago). There's a lot to be said for project monogamy, it's flying off the needles.

*The finished shawl will be a sample at the Canberra Wool Day in May.