Monster Beetle

I'm not talking about humungous VW's here ... This is a sure sign that Summer's well on its way.

Mr W and I just arrived home from church. As I was walking up the steps from the garage, I hear this buzzing fluttering noise. When I turn around I see the most enormous cockroach/beetle thing landing on the wall. That was fine, and I tried to have a bit of a look at it (it's not everyday that I see such a monster beetle).

But then, the horrible thing takes off, and flies behind me, and then there's no more beetle flapping noise. I was sure it was on my skirt, but the lights had turned off, and I had my arms full. After an agonising walk up the hallway, with light available, and hands free, I rustle my skirt, and brush over my back.

For a (very) brief moment, I think that all is well, that it landed somewhere in the garage, and is happily browsing around tools, oily rags and various bicycle paraphernalia. But that moment was over, as I did feel something rough on the back of my skirt, and then I heard the flapping/buzzing again, and the horrible, big, huge beetle lands on my shoulder. Instinctively, I swipe at it, and head across the room (possibly shrieking) in the opposite direction.

It wouldn't have been too bad, had not Mr W been telling me throughout the whole ordeal to 'stop panicking'. He wasn't the one with the monster on his shoulder, and in his hair. But, knight in shining armour that he is, he came to my rescue, and squashed the beetle (repeatedly, it refused to die) ... before I could get a photo. It looked kind of like this.

This was no ordinary beetle, and no ordinary cockroach either. It was the cockroach-beetle of the future, 6-10 cm long, and resistant to 3 foot taps. I think I'm allergic to it .... I have welts on my arm.


  1. Gross... the photo gave me the shivers! It reminds me of the beetle that Gregor Samsa turns into in Kafka's novella, Metamorphoses. SHUDDER

  2. Do you have Christmas beetles yet? I love Christmas beetles! Your beetle looks pretty scary.

  3. I thought it was a Christmas beetle at first. I love them - we used to put them in my cousin's toy boat, as captain, in the back yard pool.
    But sadly, no Christmas beetles sighted as yet.

  4. I've seen Christmas beetles this year, and a few cicadas as well. I like the bigger creamier coloured Christmas beetles more than the little caramel coloured ones.

    Kate, that moster bug looks horrible. My daughter would have put it in a jar and called it her best friend and tried to take it to school.

  5. Gross, my wife was brave and squashed one with her strappy sandals the other day, it made a crunch sound.

  6. savannah odermatt11 July 2008 at 16:32

    oh. my god.
    i just found the same thing crawling across my kitchen floor.
    i tried smacking it with a book several times; that didnt kill it. so i kept it:) i tried using the google search to find out what it was. then i came across your article. still havent figured it out. i think i might feed it to my tarantula.

  7. OMG those are all over my bedroom. I cry everytime I see one. I woke up last night with one on my hand and almost shit myself. I sleep with the light on now because I know those bastards are nocturnal. UGH! They give me the heebie jeebies!

  8. Strappy heel is a good choice, you get a satisfying crunch!

  9. Strappy heel is a good choice, you get a satisfying crunch!


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